Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm to wordy for wordless Wednesday but I wanted to post pictures of my wonderful laundry room that I'm leaving. My mom and I spend 3days painting the laundry room in stages and putting the clouds on the walls. Two of the Clouds I put my wonderful kid's names in and then I hung up the special clothing I had saved over the year. Like there first swim suits and clothes we brought them home from the hospital in Spider man costume and princess gown, as well as the first pair of big kid underwear. Now we are moving which we are very excited about, we are following Gods lead and can't wait. I have to say I'm going to miss walking into my laundry room and remembering the wonderful help my mom was to me in decorating it, and how excited I was to put my kids names on the wall. It's always hard to leave memory behind, but we know there is a lot more to be made at the new house.

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