Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bucket Post

I just read a great Post about buckets fillers and bucket dippers at this website I don't' know how to link so I just copied and pasted the address above. I was so encouraged when I read this. One thing I thought about was how in my everyday life I tend to fill buckets on a daily bases outside of my own home. You know friends, extended family, co-workers, acquaintances, but are we filling bucket of the people who live in our own house. This morning my precious daughter who hates to get up in the morning for school yells every time you turn the light on. Can't I go to school later why does it have to start so early, the sun isn't up yet you get the idea right. Well this morning we let her sleep an extra 10 minutes which is a lot for a 6 year old who doesn't really understand time yet. Like how long is 5 mins really, we had three minutes until she had to head out to catch the bus, and she was fiddling with her socks and shoes because they didn't feel right, I could have filled her bucket by going and fixing her socks for her and helping her along, but I didn't I was feeling the pressure of those extra 10 minutes of sleep and told her to just get her shoes on and get moving because the bus was going to be here soon. She busted out into tears, I felt terrible because I could have done more to be more ready myself which in turn would help her to be more ready. To make a long story come to an end I guess what I'm saying is don't neglect filling the buckets of the people closest to you, they will love you forever no matter what because your mom,dad, aunt,or even the grandparents, but don't we all want more then that, we want to be loved because we loved, especially those closest to us.

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