Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's so amazing when life is altered unexpectedly, no! no! no! not unexpectedly but more like when you expect it but maybe not so quickly. We have a great God it just floors me to think how amazing God has worked in my life, my families life and even my friends lives. God gave me the best husband in the world, seriously the best when we meet it was unreal only God could have done that (I'll blog our story someday), Then we had two great children, my husband has had 2 great Jobs the whole time we have been married, not to mention a huge move with movers that we didn't have to pay for, and that is only the highlights.

Today the thing I'm so thankful for that I could burst is that we sold our house and in the process of buying a new one. God has been telling us for almost exactly 1 year that he wants us to sell the house, sometimes we are like children we need to know somethings in advance and be reminded enough in order to let change sink in and be comfortable with it. So around the end of January we talked with a Realtor and decided that we need one in order to get our self's moving and set the Date to put the sign out and the MLS to have our house on the Internet. Feb 16th was the day, we had two people look at the house that very same day and one of them offered us full asking price and we pay closing cost that evening. Everything was set with signatures by the 18th. When God says he is going to sell the house he is going to sell the house. Now we have to find a good house in our price range which is very low for our area, God had it all picked out for us the 2nd house we looked at was the one and now we are buying a house. In 10 days God sold our house and gave us a new one. How amazing is that especially in this day and age. The bible says he has a plan for us he knows where we will be and what we will be doing, it's true he does and I'm so thankful for a God that cares enough to know what I don't.

So Today I'm Thankful to be starting a new chapter in my life that I can see Gods hand all over.