Friday, April 27, 2007

The Mohawk

This is the best picture I have of Jacob's new Mohawk. It was taken after a long day of school so it's a little worn but it still is standing. Jacob has wanted a Mohawk all winter. I managed to convince him to wait until the weather warmed up because his head would be cold and he didn't want to have to mess it up with a hat. Mark was such a trooper he was a reluctant at first, but finally came around and said it was just hair and would grow back not to mention he's young there are worst things in life then a few hairs sticking up. To be honest on a lot of days it's easier to get his hair to stand up then it is to lay down. He has course hair with several cowlicks so it naturally wants to stand up. The Mohawk makes fixing his hair much easier on a daily passes. Sometimes as parents it is so hard to remind ourselves that our children are not adults and one of our goals in life is to allow them to live a happy fulfilled childhood, among other things. To
be honest we have a couple varieties of Mohawks
the pointed and the messy Mohawk. Jacob likes
the pointed one and I like the messy. I'm just waiting for him to ask for us to bleach it or get those colored hair sprays to color it, and if he does we will. He's young and it doesn't really matter yet. The only people he is trying to impress is his friends especially the girls and they all think his hair is really cool. Jacob told us last night that they were counting down to the end of school and there is only 5 week WOW!! First grade has just flown by. I can't hardly believe it, people told me over and over again to enjoy the children when they were little because it goes so fast, and I thought " I can't imagine it going fast", you know the crying, whining, first walking and crawling, not to mention the infamous loosing of the teeth there were days when I couldn't wait for it to end. But as Jacob gets bigger and bigger I can't believe those days are gone. That is when I have to thank God for the wonderful gift of Photography and Scrap booking. I know for those of you who know me I have to bring everything back the scrape booking. Sorry!!!!!! I could go on and on but I wont. Have a wonderful day and remember some battles aren't worth fighting, let them be kids.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

fashion at 4

We all have moments when we kind WOW!!!! I had a friend in College who would always hold up three fingers on each hand so they looked like a W on either side of her face and say WOW!!!! There are days when there are no words to express yourself and the only thing you can say is WOW!!!! Well I had one of those day just resently and I thought I would share it with everyone. My daughter what a joy she is to me day in and day out, I took her to preschool screening she is 4 and we wanted to see if we could get her into public pre-school. Well before we left the house she insisted on wearing her teara one of many that she owns, I have learned a while ago that letting her wear what she wants as long as it is modest and appropriate saves us a lot of time and most importantly self-esteem. As we where at the screening waiting to speak with the teach about the results of the screening one of the screeners came up to get us and of course she had to tell her how beautiful her teara was as did everyone we meet that day. I about fell on the floor laughing when she responded with "Thank you it's High fashion" Do you think maybe God says that everytime we tell him how wonderful his creations are the flowers, tree, grass, US. I think that everyday God looks at us and say WOW!!!

Scrape Happy

I love to Scrape book and I'm so excited to. I paper scrape. I've thought a lot about digital scraping. I'm not sure where to start I almost need a class or something like that. Well I'm a week and a half behind with my first scrape book post but here it is. Week 2 (my first and its late) I love to scrape book and I do a lot of it for friend and family. I consider it a great gift from God to have the patients and ability to sit down and come up with idea that make me think wow I love that!!!! I also consider it a great gift that my friends and family would want me to scrape for them. This page was done for a great friend of mine who's son loves to ride anything that has wheel's and doesn't want to leave them or even share them. I can't wait until he is 16 to see what his first Car experience is like.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We had a great gift given to us this past weekend Sunday night to be exact. My husbands Sister and her family invited us and his other sister to enjoy a great night with them at an indoor water park. We accepted and had a great time. Mark and Jacob's favorite part of the Park was the enormous bucket that fills with water and dumps all over you. I would have to say that my favorite part of the hole experience was watching a grown man and his son hurry as fast as they could from one end of the park to the other without getting whistled at by the lifeguard (running is not allowed) so that they would get dumped on. Elexis my daughter didn't much like the idea of all that water falling on her.
Isn't it funny how in life some of us spend so much time hurrying to one place or another just so we can get dumped on. And some of us just keep going back everytime we hear the bell ringing over and over again
ducking our head waiting for it to hit us
just waiting for the water.
Is that a good thing or bad? I think that God intense for us to be under that flow of water if only to build our charcter, and to make us stronger. So next time you feel the water dumping on you think of it as God gift of love, strength and endurance to you each and every day. How could we ask for more?

What a Gift

In life so often God gives us little gifts that we don't even slow down to recognize them as gifts. I've spend almost a year thinking about starting a blog spot and haven't simply because I thought what on earth am I going to talk about and today is the day that God has given me the gift to know that he will open my eyes so I can share all the little gifts that he gives me everyday. I hope that this blog will be a gift to others.