Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scrape Happy

I love to Scrape book and I'm so excited to. I paper scrape. I've thought a lot about digital scraping. I'm not sure where to start I almost need a class or something like that. Well I'm a week and a half behind with my first scrape book post but here it is. Week 2 (my first and its late) I love to scrape book and I do a lot of it for friend and family. I consider it a great gift from God to have the patients and ability to sit down and come up with idea that make me think wow I love that!!!! I also consider it a great gift that my friends and family would want me to scrape for them. This page was done for a great friend of mine who's son loves to ride anything that has wheel's and doesn't want to leave them or even share them. I can't wait until he is 16 to see what his first Car experience is like.

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