Friday, December 21, 2007

To Know and Tell Friday

Question 1 In the spirit of Christmas... Artificial or Real Christmas Tree? I like both, but for myself I like the ease of an Artificial tree, We have a 3 step Tree with lights already on it. I know that takes some of the fun out of the tree experience. I promise we make up for it in other fun experiences threw out the session.
Question 2 If your life was a TV show...what would the title be?
Are We There Yet?? (because we are always traveling)
Question 3 When you go to the movies what do you get from the Concession Stand?
Nothing I'm to cheap I've already spent all my money just to get myself and my dear husband in. (because we only really go on his birthday because he loves it. That doesn't count the drive inn we go all the time.)
Question 4 Cosmetic that you cannot live without? I bought myself a redness reducer from the Clinque counter at Marshall Field for my birthday probably 4years ago and I love it, I use it sparingly because that was the first and last time I've every been in that store or spend that much money for any make up product. Oh was it worth it and when I run out I will be going to get myself another present.
Bonus Question (gotta think about this one...)
If you could go back in time to a pivotal point in your young life and give yourself one word of advice, and it would be guaranteed that you would follow the advice... What would you tell yourself... ( It is OK if you tell more than one thing :) I wasn't really into playing sports when I was younger, I could have been very good at it I'm coordinated and good at thinking on my feet, I have that competitive drive that a person needs to really give it all they got. I never felt comfortable drawing attention to myself so the advice I would give myself it go for it don't worry about the others they will see soon enough what a great asses you are to the team and to life. I think if someone would have told me that If would have redirected several area of my life, in a good way.
Blessings to all my blogging friends...Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I have a very simple Thankful Thursday, I'm Thankful that I don't have a broken Ankle. I fell getting my daughter off the bus on Tuesday. My Dear Husband does a great job clearing everything. There was one step that our gutter was dripping on that we didn't notice, and it had a little piece of ice where it was dripping and of course I looked at the steps and didn't see it, so when I stepped on it that was all she wrote. I have to crawl up to the front door open it and pull myself up before the bus got to the house. I couldn't go inside untill the bus got here because they have to see you to let her off (she is in Pre-K). I'm also thankful that it was feeling better yesterday so we could still host our Christmas party, although I did to much and I'm paying for it today. We had a great time and and I'm glad we were able to host it. So that is what I'm thankful for.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Week 4

This week you should light all four of your candle sticks.

Week4 Advent

Week one we celebrated Promises
What promises did you make to your family?
Have you fulfilled it yet? If not what is stopping you?
Week two we celebrated Angels
How do angels help us, and protect us?
Week three the candle represents Rejoicing.
How can we Rejoice everyday?
Week four we celebrate the Shepherd Candle.
The last Purple or Blue candle should be added to the lighting..

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:8-20
John 10:2-5, 11
Jeremiah 31;3, John 5:16-17
Isiah 40:11
Isiah 53:6-7, John1:29
Have a Birthday Party for Jesus. This Christmas as you give out your gifts say to each person “because God gave us the gift of Jesus I give this gift to you with love.”
Sing your children to sleep with carols.

Scripture to look at
Can you be like the shepherds, sharing the good news of Jesus’ birth with others? Luke2:18
How are we like sheep? Luke 15:3-7
In what ways do sheep depend on the shepherds?
What is an everlasting love? Romans 8:38-39
How do we know that God loves us with an everlasting love? John 3:16

I was going to give out candy canes and tell the story of the candy cane:
Along time ago, a candy maker wanted to give the people in his town a Christmas gift that would remind them of God’s love. He worked long and hard in his candy shop, fashioning a red and white peppermint stick into a shepherd’s rod.
How does the hooked end of a shepherd’s rod help the sheep? It is used to rescue the sheep when they are in danger—perhaps to pull them from a rocky ledge or out of a stream.
How can the straight end be of use? It is used as a weapon to protect eh sheep, scaring away predators who could try to hurt the sheep.
Why would the candy maker use the color white? White reminds us that Jesus was pure and without sin. Even though He came to earth as a man. He was also true God and he had no sin.
Why would the candy maker use the color red? The color red reminds us that Jesus shed His blood for our sin. Jesus took our punishment. He paid the price for each and Evey sin.
In what other ways does the candy remind you of Jesus? The candy is hard. This reminds us that Jesus is the rock of our faith If you hold the candy cane upside down. It will look like the letter J which stands for Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Advent Week 3

This week you will light your pink candle or 3rd blue candle

Advent Week 3

Week one we celebrated Promises
What promises did you make to your family?
Have you fulfilled it yet? If not what is stopping you?
Week two we celebrated Angels
How do angels help us, and protect us?
Week three the candle represents Rejoicing.
Which Candle should we light?

Scripture Reading
John 3:16-18, James 1:17 –
Luke 2:1-8
Psalms 46:10-11, Revelations 3:20- Are we as preoccupied as the towns people in Bethlehem
Matthew 25:1-13
Take advantage of the Christmas light this season to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. (Visit Henson Robinson Zoo’s Christmas Lights) If anyone knows of a Christmas walk, Angel Tree, Go experience what it might have been in Bethlehem at that time. Look at how other cultures celebrate Christmas. Invite someone to spend the holiday with your family if you know of someone who may be alone.

Scripture to look at
What is a Sacrificial gift? (Luke 21:1-4)
What did it cost God the Father to give us His gift? (Philippians 2:6-11)

Jesus calls His believers the Light of the world. Why is that important? (Matthew 5:14-16)
What are some ways your light has shone to others this Christmas season? What ways can it still shine? (Matthew 25:40, Matthew 7:12)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Know and Tell Friday

Question 1
(More of a fill in the blank..) I wish my hair__________. I wish my hair would fix itself, sometimes as a mother it would be nice if puff it looked nice all by itself.
Question 2
Someone you miss? I have no family close really my mom has been here with us for a little while so I don't miss her, I miss everyone else. My family and my husbands family is so far away that we miss them but we still get to see them the ones I miss most are my niece Colleen and my husbands mother mostly because there is so much I never got to know about them before the Lord took them home. Our greatest losses in life aren't always the ones we spent alot of time with because we have the memories to fall back on, but the ones we think about who don't send a flood gate of memories into our heart, the ones who we long to know more about.
Question 3
What's your favorite comfort food? I've been asked this question before and I honestly have to say I can think of any food that gives me comfort or warm fuzzes. There are foods I like and eat when I'm craving it. Nothing I would call a Comfort Food.

Bonus Questions
Question 4
In your opinion what are some of the qualities that make a person a "best" friend?
I could probably fill up a whole page, but I will name a few. A best friend is someone that you can literally share everything with (not that you always will), but that you could, and she will still love you!!! A best friend is someone that you can show your goofy side to, and she thinks it is just adorable. Last, a best friend will always want what is best for you (spiritually speaking too), even if that could cause her sadness or pain. I agree with my friends answer entirely I'll add just one thing. A friend is someone who has been planted in your heart when you least expected it and you didn't even know it. Sometimes it's the person who you would never have picked but God picked them for you and your glad you didn't have a choice (because you know they wouldn't have made the cut).
Question 5
What is one area that you struggle with in the wife arena? Just one... Can we say air your dirty laundry please. I struggle with assuming my hubby understands me and knows what I mean, sometimes I will use pleasantries with others as to not upset or offend people but I don't always with my husband, assuming he understands what I meant, which he probably does but it's not a good reason to not use my best manners when asking him to do something.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful Thursday

There are times where my mind is just rolling with thoughts, today was one of those days. I was in my car thinking and talking to myself and thought I should blog that, today is Thankful Thursday perfect timing so here it goes. I have to say it may be long.
My husband and I meet on the Internet. I was in college and chat rooms were starting to become popular and I had never used a computer before really I used one to type a paper or two for class but nothing much we mostly used pencil and paper (does anyone remember what that is. HA, Ha) and my sister had a brothers word processor. So that is what we used. Anyway I decided to learn about this computer thing with chat rooms and stuff I was in between semesters, a couple of friends showed me the ropes and then told me about a website call Christian Matchmakers, so I thought well I check it out I would learn how to use the Internet and maybe make a friend. I didn't really think I would meet someone I could spend the rest of my life with. Long story short I meet my hubby and we hit it off, so I wrote him a letter that stated my expectation of a mate and how I wouldn't accept anything less, and if he had a problem with my expectations to let me know now because I didn't want to waste either of our time pursuing a relationship. He wrote me back and the only part I remember was when he said I can live up to all of your expectations and then some, and he has lived up to all of them and then some.

I'm thankful for a few things one is a great man who doesn't scare off easily and lives up to his commitments.
Another thing I'm thankful for is a God who loves us so much that it breaks his heart when we lower our (realistic) expectation for a mate. So often we especially women, men some to, begin to believe the lies that the Satan, and the world sometimes tells us about our self. That we aren't good enough or we better take what we can get because it may not come around again. You can't take care of yourself so you have to put up with the disrespect.

I'm thankful for individual in my past who took the time to teach me that I deserved to be happy and have someone who loved me like Christ love the church. If they hadn't loved me with Christ love I may have settled for someone who didn't love me as much as my hubby and almost as much as Christ loves me.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Know and Tell Friday

Question 1
What makes you cry? I'm not a crier, I Know that is not normal for a women, but some really good eye opener movies make me cry and by cry I mean tear up. Thinking about my children makes me cry. Memories of things from the past, Or thinking about things going on now with them. As well as thinking about what there future may hold, makes me cry tears of joy mostly. When I think of my hubby and how lucky I am to have someone who loves me so completely. He is so good to me, I cry thinking about how meeting him made my life so much better then it might have been then if I had not meet him. That makes me Cry tears of joy.
Question 2 (Hopefully this question will bring a little comic relief your way)
I am assuming everyone goes to their gyno for their regular checkups.... What do you do when you are getting you pap smear done? I don't know if I can answer this I don't like to even think about it let alone talk about it, the thought of it makes me want to cry, Ha Ha!! I concentrate on breathing and relaxing that all.
Question 3 (If you have recovered from question 2)
Dream Job (Being a wife and a mother is probably the number one answer, so for this question name an occupation or ministry that you would like to work in)
I have a couple dream jobs, One is to be a speaker I love to teach women and speak, I presently fell selfconcise being up in front of people. But I love to speak in front of people, I often have thought about writing a book but what would I write about. I've always wanted to be an art director for a book company. Someone who would hire private artist to illustrate book covers, or children's books and approved the work or asked for changes who would tell the artist what we wanted it to look at. Those are my two dream jobs.
Bonus Question (Going Deeper...)
What is one thing that you struggle with presently, or struggled with in the past that you hope does not get passed down to your children? I have so many struggles, one would be not making healthy choices, we have changed that recently, with the exception of pizza. I don't exercises like I should and I would like to change that because I want to teach my children that exercises is important and good for us. I one I struggle with is pride I don't like to apologize, or point out my errors even when I recognize them. But I know that it is important for all relationships in life to be able to openly to recognize your mistakes as well as apologize for how it may have effected the people around you. I don't want my children to think it's o.k not to apologize. I think people can be apologetic and feel remorseful with out have to say anything, but I also believe that people need to hear that your sorry an how your going to try to be better before they sometime will be able to forgive. I want my children to not feel shame in openly recognizing there mistakes. Well I hope that answers the questions.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Advent Week Two

In preparation for Week 2 get a christmas ornament for each member in your family wrap it and set it by your advent wreath. This will help us to think about How Mary must have felt knowing that she was going to have a baby put she couldn't see it or touch it. Everyone will be anticipating the gift that is for them at the table the same way that Mary was anticipating the gift God had given her. You could tell your children how much you looked forward to meeting them in person for the first time, and how it felt to see them and hold them for the first time. Then let everyone open there gifts. Maybe tell them why you choose that ornament for them and what they mean to you today.

Week 2 Advent

Week one we celebrated Promises
What promises did you make to your family?
Have you fulfilled it yet? If not what is stopping you?
Week two we celebrate Angels
(light two blue or two purple representing Promises and Angels)
**Matthew 18:10
Hebrew 1:14
Luke 1:28-38
Matthew 1:18-25
Matthew 2:13-15
Matthew 7:7-8
John 5:24
Luke 2:14-19

Continue setting up the nativity by place several angles around one with Mary and Joseph and talk about how then angel came to them to give them messages from God. Then hang an angle over the stable or by the stable to remind us that God sends his angels to us so we would know that he has and is settting everything in place. Starting with Jesus and even today in our own lives.

Additional scripture to look at
Isaiah 6:1-4, God’s angels are spiritual beings created to serve him. What dose this mean?
Zechariah 1:10-11, How do angels serve God? What other ways not mentioned in this scripture?
2Samual 14:17, According to the Bible, angels are wise and know the difference between good and evil, Can you name some bible verse about angels?
Matthew 18:10,
Psalms 34:7
Psalms 91:11
Hebrew 1:14,-- Above 4 scripture, How does it feel to know that God has angels that are always watching out for you?
James 1:17, What are some of the wonderful thins God has done for us? What happens when we listen to God? What do we have to do to receive God’s gifts? What are some specific gifts God has given Your Family this Christmas season?

Getting ready for Advent

Please forgive me for being last in starting our advent session on the Internet. You still can start just maybe try to push two weeks into one. You could talk about week one the next couple of days and then week Two is actually on Sunday the 9th of December.

You will need one round surface that holds candles for the advent. You could use a Styrofoam circle and push the candles into it, or a evergreen wreath that is a complete circle and candle holders this greenery reminds us that God's love is ever lasting without beginning or end. Decorate what ever you use with evergreen pieces. Next you will need four candle sticks, you would need either 3 purple and one pink, or 4 blue, this represents the royalty of Christ as king. These four are placed around your circle. Then you will need a white pillar candle to place inside your circle, representing that Jesus was pure and without sin.

Advent Week One

Oh, my please forgive me I forgot to post our Advent week one Thursday so today I'm going to post our Advent Week one which was Sunday Dec 1st, and week 2 which will be Dec. 9th. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Week 1 Advent

Advent Means- Coming, We celebrate Jesus coming as a babe and his coming into our hearts as our savior, and his coming again as king.
Advent Wreath- shape is a circle with no beginning or end. This reminds us that God's love for us will never end. The evergreens in the wreath also remind us of God's everlasting Love. They do not turn colors and fall off like other leaves; instead they stay green and remind us that God's love will never fail. Light the promise Candle (one of the for blue, or one of the 3 purple)
Week one theme Promises
Read- Hebrew 6:12-19
Genesis 2:21-25
Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
John 8:12
1John 1:5-10, (1:9)
John 14:1-6, 27

To set up your nativity this week, Set out your stable, you can put some animals around it. Put Mary and Joseph somewhere away from the stable, also put the wise men out far way from the stable, as well as the Shepperd's. This shows us that everyone had to travel to get to the stable and they came from different places.
Also find a ring of some kind to place at the stable to remind us of the promise God made to send a savior in the form of a baby.

Bring a wrapped ornament next week; bring some People to represent town’s people for Nativity, (mostly for Children)
Make a promise to the members of your family
(Something you can keep and fulfill it soon)
Scripture to look at
Psalm 89:3-4, Luke 1:687-80, Hebrew 9:11-28, These verses talk about how important promises are to God, and his ever lasting covenant with us which means his promises will last forever.
Isaiah 9:6-7, Have you ever had to wait for a promise to come true, was is worth it?
Genesis 9:11-14, Galatians 4:4-7, John 17:2-3, Matthew 28:20, What is your favorite promise form God, what makes it special to you?
Isaiah 42:6-7, God calls Jesus a Covenant. In the bible times they would exchange something of value to make a commitment or covenant with each other, like a cloak, a staff, or a ring. Can you think of ways that shows peoples commitments today? (rings, handshake, signing a paper)
John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 15:3, How is Jesus the covenant pledge to God’s promise?
John 8:12, Who is the light of the world, What does that mean?
1John 1:9, How do we know that God will forgive the wrong things that we have done?
Revelations 21:3-4, What did Jesus promise? Do we have to do anything to earn the peace that Jesus promises us? What will heaven be like?
Revelations 22:5, Who is our light and will be in heaven?