Friday, December 14, 2007

Know and Tell Friday

Question 1
(More of a fill in the blank..) I wish my hair__________. I wish my hair would fix itself, sometimes as a mother it would be nice if puff it looked nice all by itself.
Question 2
Someone you miss? I have no family close really my mom has been here with us for a little while so I don't miss her, I miss everyone else. My family and my husbands family is so far away that we miss them but we still get to see them the ones I miss most are my niece Colleen and my husbands mother mostly because there is so much I never got to know about them before the Lord took them home. Our greatest losses in life aren't always the ones we spent alot of time with because we have the memories to fall back on, but the ones we think about who don't send a flood gate of memories into our heart, the ones who we long to know more about.
Question 3
What's your favorite comfort food? I've been asked this question before and I honestly have to say I can think of any food that gives me comfort or warm fuzzes. There are foods I like and eat when I'm craving it. Nothing I would call a Comfort Food.

Bonus Questions
Question 4
In your opinion what are some of the qualities that make a person a "best" friend?
I could probably fill up a whole page, but I will name a few. A best friend is someone that you can literally share everything with (not that you always will), but that you could, and she will still love you!!! A best friend is someone that you can show your goofy side to, and she thinks it is just adorable. Last, a best friend will always want what is best for you (spiritually speaking too), even if that could cause her sadness or pain. I agree with my friends answer entirely I'll add just one thing. A friend is someone who has been planted in your heart when you least expected it and you didn't even know it. Sometimes it's the person who you would never have picked but God picked them for you and your glad you didn't have a choice (because you know they wouldn't have made the cut).
Question 5
What is one area that you struggle with in the wife arena? Just one... Can we say air your dirty laundry please. I struggle with assuming my hubby understands me and knows what I mean, sometimes I will use pleasantries with others as to not upset or offend people but I don't always with my husband, assuming he understands what I meant, which he probably does but it's not a good reason to not use my best manners when asking him to do something.


Toknowhim said...

Thanks for answering again this week... I am learning new things about you every week :)

Barbara H. said...

Hi, I'm here from "To Know Him," doing the "Know and Tell" meme, too. I sad to say I've done that with my husband, too, and have made an effort to speak as pleasantly to him as to others. He and the kids deserve it even more that acquaintances, but somehow it's so easy to let that fall with the people we know best.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts