Thursday, December 6, 2007

Getting ready for Advent

Please forgive me for being last in starting our advent session on the Internet. You still can start just maybe try to push two weeks into one. You could talk about week one the next couple of days and then week Two is actually on Sunday the 9th of December.

You will need one round surface that holds candles for the advent. You could use a Styrofoam circle and push the candles into it, or a evergreen wreath that is a complete circle and candle holders this greenery reminds us that God's love is ever lasting without beginning or end. Decorate what ever you use with evergreen pieces. Next you will need four candle sticks, you would need either 3 purple and one pink, or 4 blue, this represents the royalty of Christ as king. These four are placed around your circle. Then you will need a white pillar candle to place inside your circle, representing that Jesus was pure and without sin.

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