Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Week 4

This week you should light all four of your candle sticks.

Week4 Advent

Week one we celebrated Promises
What promises did you make to your family?
Have you fulfilled it yet? If not what is stopping you?
Week two we celebrated Angels
How do angels help us, and protect us?
Week three the candle represents Rejoicing.
How can we Rejoice everyday?
Week four we celebrate the Shepherd Candle.
The last Purple or Blue candle should be added to the lighting..

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:8-20
John 10:2-5, 11
Jeremiah 31;3, John 5:16-17
Isiah 40:11
Isiah 53:6-7, John1:29
Have a Birthday Party for Jesus. This Christmas as you give out your gifts say to each person “because God gave us the gift of Jesus I give this gift to you with love.”
Sing your children to sleep with carols.

Scripture to look at
Can you be like the shepherds, sharing the good news of Jesus’ birth with others? Luke2:18
How are we like sheep? Luke 15:3-7
In what ways do sheep depend on the shepherds?
What is an everlasting love? Romans 8:38-39
How do we know that God loves us with an everlasting love? John 3:16

I was going to give out candy canes and tell the story of the candy cane:
Along time ago, a candy maker wanted to give the people in his town a Christmas gift that would remind them of God’s love. He worked long and hard in his candy shop, fashioning a red and white peppermint stick into a shepherd’s rod.
How does the hooked end of a shepherd’s rod help the sheep? It is used to rescue the sheep when they are in danger—perhaps to pull them from a rocky ledge or out of a stream.
How can the straight end be of use? It is used as a weapon to protect eh sheep, scaring away predators who could try to hurt the sheep.
Why would the candy maker use the color white? White reminds us that Jesus was pure and without sin. Even though He came to earth as a man. He was also true God and he had no sin.
Why would the candy maker use the color red? The color red reminds us that Jesus shed His blood for our sin. Jesus took our punishment. He paid the price for each and Evey sin.
In what other ways does the candy remind you of Jesus? The candy is hard. This reminds us that Jesus is the rock of our faith If you hold the candy cane upside down. It will look like the letter J which stands for Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

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