Friday, December 7, 2007

Know and Tell Friday

Question 1
What makes you cry? I'm not a crier, I Know that is not normal for a women, but some really good eye opener movies make me cry and by cry I mean tear up. Thinking about my children makes me cry. Memories of things from the past, Or thinking about things going on now with them. As well as thinking about what there future may hold, makes me cry tears of joy mostly. When I think of my hubby and how lucky I am to have someone who loves me so completely. He is so good to me, I cry thinking about how meeting him made my life so much better then it might have been then if I had not meet him. That makes me Cry tears of joy.
Question 2 (Hopefully this question will bring a little comic relief your way)
I am assuming everyone goes to their gyno for their regular checkups.... What do you do when you are getting you pap smear done? I don't know if I can answer this I don't like to even think about it let alone talk about it, the thought of it makes me want to cry, Ha Ha!! I concentrate on breathing and relaxing that all.
Question 3 (If you have recovered from question 2)
Dream Job (Being a wife and a mother is probably the number one answer, so for this question name an occupation or ministry that you would like to work in)
I have a couple dream jobs, One is to be a speaker I love to teach women and speak, I presently fell selfconcise being up in front of people. But I love to speak in front of people, I often have thought about writing a book but what would I write about. I've always wanted to be an art director for a book company. Someone who would hire private artist to illustrate book covers, or children's books and approved the work or asked for changes who would tell the artist what we wanted it to look at. Those are my two dream jobs.
Bonus Question (Going Deeper...)
What is one thing that you struggle with presently, or struggled with in the past that you hope does not get passed down to your children? I have so many struggles, one would be not making healthy choices, we have changed that recently, with the exception of pizza. I don't exercises like I should and I would like to change that because I want to teach my children that exercises is important and good for us. I one I struggle with is pride I don't like to apologize, or point out my errors even when I recognize them. But I know that it is important for all relationships in life to be able to openly to recognize your mistakes as well as apologize for how it may have effected the people around you. I don't want my children to think it's o.k not to apologize. I think people can be apologetic and feel remorseful with out have to say anything, but I also believe that people need to hear that your sorry an how your going to try to be better before they sometime will be able to forgive. I want my children to not feel shame in openly recognizing there mistakes. Well I hope that answers the questions.


Toknowhim said...

Good answers Meliss... It is funny how I learn new things about you from reading your answers to these questions.. Love ya...

annie said...

Great answers. I didn't think about that but healthier eating choices would be a good thing to have passed to my children!