Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Journey

When I think of a Journey there is so many ways to use that expression, right now as the school year comes to an end in millions of Schools around the country we will use that phrase as we talk with the seniors, we talk about the Journey as we talk about our parents, our children, and our selves.We have a small group in our home once a week. For those of you who know us this isn't entirely new information. We have been blessed with a melting pot of Christian men and women, a variety of ages, and stages of life. I want to mention one couple in particular that God has just brought to my mind. I will refer to them as The Runner and his Wife. The Runner in our group has a goal to run a Marathon in every state, and he is just a few Marathons away until he reaches his goal. At the moment he has taken a brake from the Marathons to hike The Appalachian Trail. If you embark on this particular Journey you start in Georgia and continue on until you get into Maine. He has to be very careful, he has to watch every step, every move he makes has to be very intentional in several area. He has to pack very light, he will be walking for five months and that's a long and heavy journey if you pack to much. Sometimes I think our journey with Christ is the same way. As Christians we have to watch what we say and do so we can always please God. We have to be very intentional in areas such as honesty and humility, we want others to see us as real people with real problems and a real GOD to help us. Shortly after our friend started his journey he had to send about five pounds of stuff to his daughter who lives in Tennessee because his load was to heavy. Isn't that true of us as Christians as well, we drudge along day in and day out with our packs to heavy not with cloth, or toothbrush and paste, but with worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, the list can go on and on. You don't have to go The Journey alone, there is someone who wants us to ask for his help and will give it with no strings attached, but the bigger question is will you let go, and let Jesus Christ Guide you and lead you through your JOURNEY. We ask him to take control of our live so he can guide us and lead us to do what he knows is best and wants for our lives yet we hold tight on to the steering wheel from the passengers seat, some of us are holding on from the back seat. I know that there are journeys in my own life that God has planned for me to go on if I will just let go of the steering wheel. Commit yourselves today to be open enough to take that Journey that you know GOD is telling you to take, respond to the nudge.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, This is a very well-written blog! It is very thought-provoking...and made me take a look at my life. I don't get to read your blog very often, but I DO read it! Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your life with your family and friends. Will we see you in June at the family reunion? I have to work that day.....:-(
I am hoping that everyone can come to Aunt Gladys' 75th birthday party and family dinner on Sunday, August 19th in Aurora. Put it on your calendar! Our WHOLE family will be there then. Wanda