Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gift of Friendship

I was given a gift Yesterday. A gift of continuing friendship, there is a group of us who get together and crochet, yesterday the group had some signals crossed, most thought it was canceled and the rest thought it was moved to my house. I was one who thought it was moved to my house thankfully and then there was the wonderful friend of mine that is seasoned with wisdom and love who also showed up. I know that sometimes in life we are set apart to have a Divine appointment with someone that only God knows about and I think that yesterday was one of those days. My friend and I were set on a collision course for a Divine appointment set up by GOD. We spent several hours talking and getting to know each other better. She helped to set me back on a course I hadn't been diligent with. I believe that the one thing that God desires more then anything is a little of our time each day to get to know us better or should I say for us to get to know him better. God created man in order to have a relationship with him someone to shoot the breeze with, if you will. I had committed a little over a year ago to get up at 5:30a.m. and have that relationship with God. Not that I don't pray and have some time with him through out my day, but I decided that God didn't want my left overs and I was going to put him first. So what I did was made an appointment with God to meet him every morning at 5:30 to have a one on one meeting with him first thing in the day, my first fruits. It was great it was like I could feel God sitting there listening to me almost to a point where you could reach out and touch him. When you make an appointment he is there, he never cancels on us like we do him. I found myself after a period of time wanting to sleep in a little longer but he was still there. I could feel that still small voice or presence saying I'm here I'm waiting for you. I began not getting up and justifying in my heart and mind that I pray during the day it really doesn't matter that its not first thing in the morning, but it did matter for several reasons one I need to be a women of my word, even when God is the only one who truly knows if I'm keeping my word or not. Secondly and most importantly I desire to know Jesus. He has a Peace that passes all understanding and I need that Peace.


Julio Dinero said...

lol.. hai what a gift.. how are you doings! one times my dog leaved me a gift by my refrigerator, but it was the kind you don't want... oll

What a Gift said...

did you know Juio dinero that is a way pets so love and loyalty, I would say your gift would be the love and loyalty of your dog. Although maybe a better gift next time would be nice.
Thanks for writing to me.