Sunday, August 5, 2007

Women Blog

A fellow blogger wrote a blog asking these 3 question and asking others to give there input so I decided that it would be a great post.
1. Why are we (women) hard on each other? Why can we fall into judging or criticizing other women? It's funny but sometimes I think that with women its all about control and who has it. How many of us be honest go into the kitchen and talk over when our hubby's are cooking or our children, or anyone for that matter. How many women have you heard say well I just do it myself because you quessed it I know it will get done write. We want to mantain control over life situation and sometimes we will resort to criticizium and judgement in order to do it. Sometimes I wonder if we hold other women to a standard that we wish we could hold ourselves to but we fail everytime.
2. Why do we wear the masks with each other? Why don't we open up and share our struggles? Feeling are our worst down fall in a way because we measure a lot of life on how it makes us feel mostly like less the average, not able to measure up, how much we smile, how many people like us, how many playdate calls we get, aren't women suppose to superhero's? Moms have eyes in the back of there heads can't we see and hear everything with in 3 states right, WRONG we just say that to scare our children in to behaving. We wear the mask because we are to busy trying to one up each other in the area of greatness to see that everyone has a mask on, if we would stop trying to be superhero's we could open up and share our struggles with each other. Have you ever fought with your spouse and he says something and you start to say something realizing that your not even sure what he just said because your were to busy trying to think of something good to say back. That is how women are with each other a lot of times which makes it really hard to be human.
3. What attributes describe a true/good friend? Do you have one (or more) of these friends?> I would say that the friend of mine that I have the most respect and love for is my friend who is an open book we can say anything to each other and I know that even if she gets upset or I get upset it doesn't last at long. I think that it is refreshing to be around her because I don't have to be someone else to be around her. I know that she excepts me for who I am and what I look like. I know that she will always be honest with me about everything and I can be honest with her about everything. It is so freeing to be able to be yourself it takes so much work to pretend to be someone your not. Its nice to be able to say what you want when you want and how you want with out having to be proper all the time now don't get me wrong my friend with certainly tell me when I need to do some examining of myself. But what she see's isn't going to change our friendship and most times anything she says to me has an I remember when story about her own life. That is what a true friendship looks like.

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Toknowhim said...

I love your answers!!! I wasn't thinking a long those lines for my answers, but your answers are right on.. Thanks for sharing. I hope women will visit your blog to look what you wrote.. Love ya Girl