Sunday, August 5, 2007


Wow, I'm way behind with the Mandisa praise. I will have to say honestly that until a few weeks ago I had no idea who Mandisa was. I didn't watch American Idol or anything like that, I had no idea she was on the praise team with Travis, Beth Moores Worship leader. A friend let me borrow her new book called Idoleyes. I've only begun reading it, but I have to say I see so much of my self in her that I want to shout out who should I be getting the royalties from for my life story minus the singing part because I can't sing for nothing. My friend who let me borrow her copy talked about how she goes over her food addiction and thing related with that, but as I read it I think how am I suppose to give this book back especially since I could highlight every word in it. I am struggling to not write in my Friends book, and actually considering why not write in the book and buy my friend a new one. I've been struggling with my job situation and why I am where I am. Her book has really helped me to remember that even with our struggles God has a plan and we just need to listen and be true to what he is telling us. So my recommendation is to buy the book, read, write,highlight in the book, and pray over it and for Mandisa that she will continue to maintain the relationship that we are all so desperately seeking for. I can't wait until I can see her performing person soon I hope. I have to say I'm not sure where the eating addiction comes into the book because what I've been getting from the book is all about the relationship we have with Jesus.

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Toknowhim said...

Sp glad you are enjoying the book, but more than that I am glad that you are being encouraged by the book. I told you it was good.