Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

I have to say this is not my picture it is one that was on Time Travel Tuesday, when I saw it I thought wow!!!!!! That's amazing.
How did you find out you were pregnant, how did you share the news with your hubby... how did you tell your family?

Come travel back to the day you found out you were pregnant and share it with the group!

Our First baby was kind of a surprise, We had decided to start trying to have a baby, but with my unpredictable ovulation cycle we didn't expect it to be very quick we thought 3 maybe 6 month it would take for us to get pregnant, so I quick birth control in June and thought maybe around October give or take we may be pregnant. We went to Michigan for the 4th of July and spend time in Mackinaw City with my family and the whole time I wasn't feeling well and didn't think anything of it and when we traveled home from our vacation It was almost like a tone of bricks hit me and I looked at my hubby and said you don't think I could be pregnant do you. So we got a test and took it and sure enough I was. We weren't sure what to do about telling family because we live in IL, my family lived in MI, and his family lived in IA, and being the first time we didn't want anyone to feel let out. So we sent out Cards that read something like Congratulation there is a Bun in the oven and inside had a picture of and open oven door with a bun on the rack and we thought we could send them out and everyone would get the new when they get the card. But we couldn't wait the 2-4 day for the Mail delivery so we went to my hubbies work and used there conference calling system and call his family and my family and told everyone at the same time. That was our first baby. Our second one was similar, my hubby and I found out at the same time, but we told our families at my sons 2nd birthday, my family was here and his family was here so we made up a t-shirt transfer and wrote Being a Big Brother is Cool or something like that. We made Jacob a T-shirt and wrapped it up when he opened it we had him put it on and everyone began to read the shirt it was like the wave at the ball park going around the room. First the faces were in shock, like what does that say I don't get it and then the light bulbs came on and everyone started to get excited. It was fun.
Well that was my long belated story.


Nancy Face said...

I love how you did the T-shirt for your son's 2nd birthday! It must have been so much fun watching everyone's faces as they read it and figured it out! Thanks for sharing your fun post! :D

Colleen said...

What a totally cool picture! We were plannig our first, so when I was a day or so late, I took the test when DH was home and YEAH! We then bought little baby thing for my family and wrapped them up since it was around Thanksgiving her in Canada at the time. We wrapped them and gave them out and it was fun to see who got it right away and who didn't! My mum looked at hers for a while and didn't get it until she looked at my dad who was starting to tear up a bit because he got it right away!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!