Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I'm Thankful for many things in my life, most of which I had nothing to do with. For that reason alone today I'm thankful for a God who guides me and leads me, a God who speaks to me through his Holy Spirit, situation, Church family, and Scripture. I've had so many thing in my life that I can see this, that, and the other that lead up to where I am today and if the first set of circumstances didn't take place what blessing would I have missed out on. WOW!!!! Life is so simple yet so complicated. I know that if I had choose not to take student loans for college and attended where I did I wouldn't have meet my wonderful husband and had 2 amazing children with him. I so see God's divine hand leading and guiding me in that situation and more. It's amazing when we trust in God, have faith that he will lead us to where he wants us to go the gifts he will bestow upon us. It's funny sometimes in life thing don't work out as we have planned, but they work out like God has planned which is a way better plan. It's funny sometimes our best friends(besides our hubbies they should be #1) aren't the one that we spend a lot of time one on one with aren't the ones that we spend time with on the phone everyday, sometimes they aren't even who we think they are?! They are sometimes the friend who sneak into our lives and take up residency and we didn't even realize it until we search our heart and listened to God's leading and there they were. I have made a friend who when we first meet she told me "I not looking to make friends I have friends back home" I thought wow I guess I shouldn't invest to much into that relationship, but God told me no that is the person I'm sending to you, the one you asked me for, press on and I will show you what I have in store. I'm so glad that I listened to God and pressed on because she is someone who has helped me to grow and to see myself more clearly and she has shown me how to step out when I need to step out and how to step back when I need to step back. Later we talked about that first conversation and what she meant was not what I heard, God new that and that is why he told me not to give up. My friend is moving and I have to say that God new that was going to happen and that is o.k. I'll miss her and I will see her I hope. Sometimes our friendships are meant for a season, and when that season ends we have to remember that we have been blessed to have had that season and not waisted it. So I am thankful this Thursday to have a God who leads and guides me and has a plan way better then the one I have for myself.


Denise said...

Bless you, and your beautiful heart dear one.

Toknowhim said...

I am feeling better today.. Last night was rough.. I am just slow going it, but still well enough to blog :)

I think I am that friend you are talking about (if not, just let me think I am :), and thank you for not giving up on the possibility of a friendship... I am glad that I got the chance to explain what I meant in our first conversation, but I will use it as a reminder next time to choose my words.

You have been a blessing to me here in the friendship realm... At first, I didn't think that I could develop another close friendship, but God already knew that we would become close friends.

You have been a good friend to me too. God has used you to make me a better Christian, and a better friend.

Let's make a pact to stay close, even when the miles will take us further apart..


Anonymous said...

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