Sunday, June 24, 2007

Late Thursday Thirteen

My family and I went to a 50th wedding anniversary party not to long ago and it was great I often think about what it will be like to be married 50 years and what it takes to make it that long. So in honor of my friends who have been married for 50 years Thursday Thirteen will be "Reasons I Love My Husband and will for 50+ years"
1. I'm in love even on the days I briefly have to remind myself about how much.
2. My spouse knows me inside and out. Good, bad,and the ugly.
3. He finally understand what I mean when I say "Nothing"
4. He is so neat about his dirty cloth and he doesn't nag me about my piles on the bathroom floor.
5. I love him because he cries first at all the sappy movies, and he's o.K. with that.
6. I love that he enjoys helping me, (he carries all my scrap booking stuff to the car for me when I go to crops)
7. I love to see his biceps when he carries it for me.
8. I love that he took care of me when I needed him most during my postpartum depression, he didn't dump me when the going got rough.
9. I love the look in his eyes when he looks at me (the one that makes me smile)
10. I love that he goes to work every day to make me proud and comes home every night to make me happy. \
11. I love that I have to remind him to wear black socks with his black shoes.
12. I love that he calls me from work everyday at least once usually more.
13. Most of all I love him because he makes me feel safe, loved, and wanted, who wouldn't want that for 50+ years.
I challenge everyone who reads this to think of there own 13 reason why they love there spouse and if you leave me a comment With a blog address I will read them. If you don't blog still leave a message.

P.S. Dear Hubby Happy Anniversary On Wednesday.

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