Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to get to God!!!

Last night I was enlightened by my 4 year old. We were driving home from a great birthday party and she was in the back seat talking. It's kinda hard sometime to tell if my children are talking to me or themselves. They play pretend or make believe, sometimes I will answer them and they will say I'm not talking to you or I'm pretending, and other times they were actually talking to me. Well on our way home I was listening to my daughter trying to decide if I should respond or not when she caught me off guard with how do we get to God through the water. I was a little taken aback and concerned what she meant. She went on to say there is a little grass on one side and there is a little grass on the other side how do we get across, so I said over a bridge. She very energetically said yes a bridge and the bridge is the cross. The fog was cleared away my wonderful daughter was trying to lead me to Christ right there on the way home from her friends birthday party. So to put it all together, if your on one side of the grass and God is on the other side of the grass and there is a huge space or water in between the only way to get to God is the bridge which doubles as the Cross. From the mouth of babes. One thing she didn't tell me that I'm going to share with you just because the only way to build that bridge is to ask Jesus into your heart. He gave his life on the cross so that we could have a more spiritually abundant life with God in heaven someday. If you don't build the relationship by asking Jesus into your heart you will never be able to meet God on the other side. Maybe my wonderful daughter will teach me that next time we are in the car or the next time I spend a little more time listening.

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