Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today is January 3, 2009 it's funny I sat down at my computer and thought what am I going to do on the computer who's blog will I look at and here I am at my own blog that I haven't posted anything for 8 months. I decided 8 months ago to take a 40 day siesta from blogging I was become addicted to writing and reading a lot of others I was finding my mornings disappear as I focus on the computer screen. I was reading my last blog and thought wow why did I stop. My original goal for blogging was to have a place where my family and my husbands family could go to catch up on what is going on with us as well as to be able to write down all the uncontrollable thoughts that run through my head on a nonstop basis it seems sometimes. One of many goals I have for this year is to start blogging again, and not for anyone in particular but just for me I enjoy it very much. I hope every ones Christmas was great and the New Year as well.
It's kinda funny as I was previewing my blog post I notice that I titles this new post, this new beginning the same as my very first post ever wrote( if I'm remembering correctly) how ironic is that.

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