Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Measuring Love

I was just writing my Husband an e-mail at work. I didn't want to interrupt him but I was thinking of him and wonted him to know how much I love him. When I think of love I often think wow that is hard to describe different degrees of love, I tell my friend love ya, which to me is a sisterly love, I tell my sister who I don't get to see very much, I love you because I want here to know that I love her so much my heart aches when I think of her and think of how much I miss her. When I tell my children I love them it's a love that only a mother can know and understand it's a love that has no words or explanation. My compassionate and loving daughter came to me one day and said "Mom don't tell anyone (so forgive me for telling) but I love my brother so much I just can't stand it". I had to chuckle since she was born I often prayed and thought OH God Please let them love each other and be friends, the older they've gotten and the more they fight and pick at each other, the more I find myself praying that they would grow up to be sister and brother who really love each other. I think God has answered my prays. Back to my husband I just had to tell him in the e-mail I Love you so much I just can't stand it.... is there really any other way to describe the love we have for our spouses or even the love we have for God. God I love you so much I just can't stand it and more then that.

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