Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is a post that was in my archives since last spring I thought it was a well written post and decided to share it with whoever may read it even if I'm the only one reading it.
Isn't it funny that we all in one way or another seek out approval from others. I know there are some of us out there who would say I don't care what others think ( I tend to be one of them) but in all reality can we say that 100%, I can't. It's funny to me how this needing approval thing starts so early in age. My son who is sporting his fohawk (his words) (---A Fohawk is a Mohawk were the sides are a little longer then peers think a Mohawk should be.---) has come to me in the mornings and said very sadly I think I will leave it down today. No one likes it. I have to say do you like it -well yes he will reply--I say that is all that matters. He will say excited but nervous OK I want it pointed. I wonder out loud how is it that we can't bring ourselves to be excited for others simple because they are excited about something. Especially about things that don't really matter, like hair, most cloth, there are so many things that are very trivial in the grand scheme of things, why is it we can't just say to a 7yr old that hair cut is so cool. You look great. Even when we don't like the mohawk or fohawk? Is it better for us to build up a child's self esteem so they can make good choices when it really matters. Today he went to school with it down, It was funny he said to me I just want to be myself.

I was just looking at this post that I wrote last spring wondering why I didn't post it I just saved it as a draft in my archive. It's a insightful post which should provoke some thoughts I would think but why didn't I post it. Could it be that I was wrestling with the very thing I was writing about the approval and acceptance of others.

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