Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wii Fit contest

I'm so excited 5minutes for Mom is sponsoring a contest where you could win a Wii Fit among other things. I'm mostly interested in the Wii Fit so I can't remember what else was being given away. It's very simple to enter there is a link to there page on my sidebar if your interested. One of the things you have to do to enter is sign up on Weightview.com and they have all the information about that. Basically what you do is take a picture of yourself and enter some info about yourself and tell them how much weight you would like to lose up to 50lbs. At that point with computer graphic help they create a virtual picture of you x amount of lbs. lighter. The coolest part is you get to decide after you've seen the picture if you will allow them to show it or not. If your interested in a Wii Fit or finding out what the other prizes are go to 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Toknowhim said...

I finally found a picture... It isn't a good one, but I want to win the Wii Fit too :)