Thursday, November 15, 2007


One of my very first post I talked about my friend who did the WOW thing check it out if you haven't read it. I like to every once in a while share my own WOW moments. It's always a WOW moment for me but also can be I can't believe I didn't pick up on that before. Well this experience is a little of both. As far back as I can remember of my church going days I've been taught lesson on Running the Race!!!!Once again I was doing my bible study this week what a wonderful bible study I must say which was about Running the Race. What exactly does that me? Oddly enough I had to sit down and ponder how I've always defined that statement and if my thoughts were accurate or not. To begin with I had to dig way back to when I've heard the term used in biblical teaching. Iguess I've always thought if I was working hard to be a Christian or a Christ follower then I was running the race to win. Win what I had to ask myself, the title of A Good Christian. What is that? Is it someone who goes to church every Sunday Christmas and Easter, someone who volunteers, Someone who does what is right, doesn't lie steal (except maybe the occasional pen at the doctors office accidentally Ha, Ha!!) Seriously what is the definition of a Good Christian who is Running the Race to Win? I believe that in the past Running the Race meant working for my Salvation and what God revealed to me this week was that Running the Race has very little if anything to do with Salvation I already have that as soon as I excepted Christ free gift of salvation I didn't have to earn it through my works or better I couldn't earn it through works. So what am I Running the Race for? For the one thing that God wants from all of us and it should be the one thing we want to give to God A RELATIONSHIP, A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!!! Our pastor did a great sermon about when we get to heaven who would we want at our table. God wants us all to be at his table but that means we have to Run the Race!!!!!!!! The Race, The Relationship Race! Where are you in the Race, are you winning or losing?? Why don't you ask yourself and God that Question? I have a great friend who has a wonderful post on her Blog about the sermon our pastor did if you want to check it out. You may have to Scroll down to November 12 I think. Have a great day!!!

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