Friday, November 16, 2007


I have to say that the closet isn't as easy as I had hoped it would be. I'm going to push along. My problems started when I was cleaning the closet I needed to get to the cider chest that I kept my sheets and blankets in, but it had gotten buried in the bedroom so I had to clean the bedroom to rediscover the ceder chest, I wish I would have taken before pictures of that then I would be able to add it as part of the challenge. Not to mention in the middle of this challenge my hubby and I decided it would be a good Idea to move the kids play room into the basement and make the play room my daughters bedroom again so that my son and daughter wouldn't be sharing a room. She just turned 5 and they needed there own space. So we spend an entire day moving rooms around and separating closet space as well as moving all the toys to the basement and cleaned the carpets on that side of the house. I also wish I would have taken before pictures of that so I could enter it as well. It is unbelievable we have almost an entire room of toys we are getting rid of. O.K. lets recap
To Do List: clean and organize walk in closet
Accomplishments: organized 2 full bedrooms and purged a 3rd bedroom
cleaned the carpet in 2 bedrooms and the hall way (none of which is the room we started with.
Purged a room full of toys, took little to no pictures of any of it.

Now to work on the closet. I will finish it if I'm up to midnight on the 29th. I do have to say that my dear hubby contributed to the closet purge a little he went through all his cloth in the closet and took all the ones he doesn't wear or can't wear or that have holes and been wore to long already off the hangers and made another pile in the closet. What a good helper. Ha! Ha!


Maggie said...

Mu Husband always laughs at me when I start one project and it morphs into another...

AliceAnderson said...

I think all my projects morph. It's like a big circle, they just go round and round.

I've found two things keep me on track and focused. Otherwise I'll just keep hopping from project to project and nothing really gets finished.

1) Set a timer. Pick a space/project. Work on it for that alloted time. When the timer is up, reaccess. What have you gotten done? Do you need to try something else or keep working?

2. Start in the corner. This is particularly helpful when my morphed projects have turned my house into a tornado. I start in the corner and tidy as I move around the room. Clockwise or counter-clockwise doesn't matter so long as I keep one fluid movement. Things that don't belong in that room get set in the doorway.

Good luck!

Alyson & Ford said...

You are right, once you begin to tackle one project, it somehow grows into a major reorganizing with other parts of the house. How I wish there was a prod that made me put things away the first time or give/throw it away!! Good luck!!

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