Monday, November 26, 2007

Advent Series

I'm so excited to let everyone in on this little holiday celebration we do, Advent is a way for us to Celebrate Jesus Birth with our children, and to teach them about the Christmas story. We started this about 2 or 3 years ago with our family and this year we are sharing it with a group of friends and there children. So I thought why not share it with our blogging family as well. We purchased a book when we started and it is great because we are able to adapt the information to the level that our children can understand for there age groups, as they grow so does the amount of information we give them. We started this with viewing the Movie The Nativity Story. We enjoyed it greatly, so I will post what we study once a week and all you need is my post four candle sticks either 3 purple and one Pink or 4 blue, and one white pillar candle, and some greens. As we go through the series we will be putting together the nativity scene. Advent is meant to start 4 Sundays before Christmas, so I will post my stuff my the 30th of November because December 2 would be our first Sunday and I will post by Friday every week so you have it for Sunday. I will try to put picture on line as well. Have a great Christmas Season!!!!

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