Thursday, September 6, 2007

What a wonderful day for me, and Lexy. Today she started Pre-K, she was so excited as was I. The morning went smooth as can be she left he house in the first outfit she put on, which happens to be the one she picked out last week to wear that first day. She said to me after breakfast mom I'm a little sleepy still, bless her heart. I think that worked to my advantage in making the morning go smoothly. She was obviously to tired to be headstrong. :)

This is her on the bus with her friend, who also is our front door neighbor, they will be in the same class.
I can't wait till she gets home so I can hear all about school, she will be talking non stop. Unlike her brother we don't hear about things for weeks if at all.
Have a great day.

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on the Rock said...

Oh how cute are these photos!
God Bless!