Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Up Date on summer activities

I've decided to review my earlier 13 things to do this summer list and check off what I've done.
My Thursday Thirteen is going to be thirteen things to do with my children over the summer!!!
1. Plan one Drive-Inn trip a month-June Done
2. Go to knights action park once at least this summer-July 28th scheduled
3. Spend a couple hours once a week at the park with friends- We've had a play date somewhere at least once a week.
4. Go to Michigan on Vacation once this summer.-Scheduled
5. Watch as many firework displays as we can find (the children love fireworks)-one down and a least one more to go
6. Take the family to see Spiderman 3 hopefully one of the drive-Inn trips-Done at drive inn
7. Read 4-5 books me, 100 books each of the kid age appropriate of course.-slow in going
8. Work on scrape booking with them at least once a week in there 9" books-? :(
9. Visit with the Cousins and Grandparents at least once this summer-coming up
10. Pick out some artsy crafts to do-Done a few
11. Go to New Salem and have a picnic-Scheduled
12. Take advantage of some of the site seeing in Springfield
13. Teach Jacob to ride his two wheeler bike

I would have to say we have done or have scheduled a lot of these fun thing. There are a few that we haven't done and really need to like # Thirteen. We are going to do that. I'm determined!!! Has anyone else made up a summer list and how are you doing.

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Toknowhim said...

Proud of you.. Go Girl...