Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm so excited today I have to see if I have pictures to post I'm not sure but I do have the best news. WE HAVE BEEN FREED OF MUCH CLUTTER!!!!!!!! don't you wish you where the one typing that. I've been Married to the best man ever for almost 11 years and never once have we had a garage sale. I was never ambitious enough to get it all together and have one, not to mention our first house was in the country I was afraid no one would come and our second house was in an area that I was ashamed to have one ( I know tisk,tisk,tisk,). I was afraid the people around us wouldn't like us.....(no need to comment on this I know the error in my thinking.) So since we have just moved into the new house one night when I opened my door to a flyer closed in the storm door I said honey we are going to do this and immediately called the neighborhood organizer to say we are in.
At this point my hubby groans in anticipation of 2 long week, that would end with little change.
How I love it when he is pleasantly surprised, because we have started with a full house over flowing garage and went to house needing some organization and decluttering (which I have 3 books on in my book shelve, so no I don't need a book to read about that process, as my hubby would say we need to stop reading about what we need to do and just start doing it.) to a house that's unpack mostly with all my hubbies tools in the new shed and lots of room in the garage. We haven't park our cars in the garage, but if it were snowing we could get one in so we are well on our way to our goal of getting both cars in by winter. I have to add the beautiful shed Mark and I built together, I worked hard on it also, with help from a neighbor and another friend.

Every day we are getting closer to freedom, free from clutter, free from things (we don't use or need) free from stress mess creates stress, free to spend more time as a family and less time cleaning, which will free us up to get that family picture done that we have been wanting and been asked about several times and haven't done it. No offense to the asker, I'm honored that someone out there love us all enough to want a mug of us four.

Don't mean to get on a soap box or preachy, but I was just thinking of "Chains" that Mandisa sings. Jesus loves us all enough that he wants to see us, and not as just a perfectly cute little family which is totally what we are:-) but really see us as the free from the world children we are to him we are like the Israelites he free from there captors, but wondered around for years not knowing how to be free. God send Jesus to free us once again and sometimes we wonder around trying to figure out how to be free, hey just give it up man, just give it all away.

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