Monday, March 17, 2008

Son's and Purity

I have to say that if you have never heard of Hearts at Home It's wonderful. I just got home from there national conference Saturday and I had a great time. I will blog about some of the stuff I learned later. I spend 2 days with my sister who I don't get to see very often just a couple of times a year as well as over a 1000 other women. We were entertained my Ken Davis who is a Christian Comedian and he is wonderful. This is the second time he has been at Hearts at Home. I thought it was the sweetest thing He said I love being here, to hear a whole auditorium of women laugh is like the wind blowing through a chandelier. That was so nice, I think. My hubby and I have already implemented some of the things I learned in the seminars. There is one seminar or workshop that I went to that I wasn't signed up for, that I'm so glad I went to. It was about teaching our son purity, and that particular thing has been laying heavy on my heart lately so I went to the seminar. My son is only 8 but the world today isn't like it was when I was in school. Things start to happen and be talked about by peers way earlier then when I was a child. I try not to be a mother who thinks that's not going to effect my son like negatively. In reality men were created differently from the beginning starting with God creating Adam and Eve and what right do I have to think my son will be different and in a world that has capitalized on sexuality and the visual, I as a mother can't hide my head in the sand. So my hubby and I talked about it and decide that we needed (especially hubby) start a open communication with him so that when he starts having question about bigger things he will be comfortable coming to us to talk about it. My hubby and son had there first Man to Man talk, I just can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. I'm not certain what all they talked about, but my husband said it went well and he even opened up and asked my hubby about some words that he had heard on the bus or in school to find out if they were bad words and why. That makes me so happy, we want both of our children to feel like they can come to us in any situation and talk to us without us being upset. I hate to say it but 8,9, 10 isn't to young to start with the basics, especially in a world when statically some children are starting to have relations with one another as early as 11years old. If we talk with them and educate them maybe they wont feel the need to experiment so early, and wait until they are married. I not believe that it's enough even as christian to simply say to our child God says you have to wait until marriage we have to go deeper.

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