Monday, March 10, 2008


Who would have known that giving children there own mailboxes would be so amazing. If you what to reward your children for anything or want to think of something fun for easter maybe get something you can put there name on and call it a mailbox you will be amazed at what it brings out in them. They have come up with the idea that if the wire handle with the ribbon on it is up that they have mail, like a flag on the real mailbox. So when they put pictures or any mail in the others box they put there handle up. Elexis she yells "Mail Call". It's so cute they've spend literally hours and hours creating mail for on another.

We put together this little wall for both of our children it has there Picture at the top a Daily chore chart in a glass picture frame under the picture and then the new mailbox at the bottom.

The chore chart is great also they can mark off the items as they finish and at the end of the day we wipe it clean and it's ready for the next day. The great thing is as they get older and can do more or different chores you can change the list.

The mailbox, It's amazing the House Fairy came to check out the new mailboxes and left a note for each of the children telling them that she was so proud of the work they had done on there bedrooms and if they asked there mom to help them find places for the stuff that wasn't tiddy and clean she would come back and bring them a present for a clean and tidy room. They were so excited that they went right to there rooms and started to tidy them up. I learned about the House Fairy from I love it so check it out. I think it may help motivate my children to keep there rooms clean. The first question they ask my hubby and me is where our mailbox was and so I will have to make up a wall for us. We have a wall for our daughter, but my camera battery has just died and I don't have pictures of hers. I will post some later especially since the chore chart frames she decorated herself, is beyond words. She is 5yrs old and definitly has a style all her own and we let her. We feel like as long as what she wears or puts up isn't inappropriate it's ok. Sometimes she doesn't match well, or something trivial like that and that is o.k with me, as long as she likes it and knows that she is beautiful no matter what.
enough of that. Enjoy the mailboxes.

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