Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been forever

I don't even know how many people who use to check my blog still do since it has been between 1 and a half to two months since I've blogged. I've had to get a few other things taken care of before I started bloging again. Anyway that isn't the reason I'm blogging today. I was reading some thing on flylady who I love if you haven't experienced her check out it's great we love her website. Our house hold hasn't master it but we are learning how to work together as a family. Anyway, I'm like sidetracked city today. I was reading a e-mail I got from flylady about this months mission which is to declutter for 15 minutes a day the whole month which I haven't done, I've read all the e-mail but not done the assignment which is another post, being the ultimate procrastinator out there I actually thought " I should go excersise fo r30 minutes instead of decluttering for 15 min" Is that not the craziest thing I would think of first to get out of decluttering. I could have thought I don't have time, General Hospital is going to be on ( I Love General Hospital it's an addition), I could have said I'll do it later, but no I said to myself I should endure physical excertion for twice the amount of time just so I have a good excuse for not decluttering. I thought that was funny so I'm sharing.

I hope you found this a little humorous.

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