Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Casting Crown Concert + Stuff

What a great Concert!!! I'm waiting for my Friend who took Pictures to send me some so that I can show them to all of you. But if you don't what to wait to see that great Pictures Check out her Blog. toknowhimjesus.blogspot.com she would love to have you visit to check out the pic's. We had a great weekend, my sister got married and we spent time with the family. I have to say that traveling is no piece of cake for me anymore. We drove 500 miles one way and it down poured most of the way and when it wasn't raining it was foggy. At times we couldn't even see 2 car lengths in front of us. I was a nervous wreck all the way there. I did great on the way home, but the weather was beautiful. We are planning another trip right before the new year, after Christmas before the new year. I hope the weather is good I'm putting my order in for no snowstorms or anything like that. The bible says we shouldn't be worried or anxious about anything because the Lord will talk care of us. I remind myself of that everyday, but some days it is easier said then done. I wonder all the times you read in the bible that an angle of the Lord came to this person or that person and said don't be afraid, where they thinking that is easier said then done. I'm not sure. I just had a song pop into my head, for those of you who know me and my singing ability you know that a song popping into my head is a lot better then out of my mouth!!!!:) :) "It is well" was the song. Life is a constant fight to remind ourselves who we are living for and how what we do and say is a reflection of Christ. I've over the years filled my mind and my heart with positive thoughts and tried my hardest to hold to them. I was not always successful sometimes I let things bother me that shouldn't and I say thing I shouldn't I sometimes let myself get caught up in gossip, but the Lord always forgives me I just have to work harder not to be pulled into those traps. What traps are you repeatedly being pulled into and what are you going to do today to stop. Make a plan and know it inside and out. The peace and satisfaction will be worth it in the long run.

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