Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As a mother I've always found that as the childre grew my excitement grew with them, I couldn't wait for my babies to walk and then talk, make sentences, ask questions, learn there ABC's, tie there shoes, read, I remember my son sat down one day intending to just look at a Dr. Seuss Book, and all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, I can read this!!!!!!!, Mom I can read this and then he continued by reading the book to me. I was so proud of him wow!!! I have to say my husband was the opposite he would have loved for the children to stay at that total dependent, cuddling, I need you daddy stage. He would feed them, and cuddle with them, get up with them in the middle of the night. Just love on them until they fell a sleep. When our son was born he had a hard time sleeping at night still does Nine years later, but my husband would sing to him, it got to the point that he could only go to sleep if dad was singing to him, so we made a recording of my dear husband singing so that we could get him to sleep. As he grew and got older we didn't need the CD anymore, but my husband still sings to both of the children Jacob who is 9 and Elexis who is 6, there is just more of a variety of songs they sing, even when they are sleeping at a friends house they call and want dad to sing to them. I have to say Jacob is going into Middle School 4th grade and I'm having a hard time with it, I would love for him to stay where he is right now forever. I see things coming that I'm not ready for, Attitude, peer pressure, boundary pushing going on everywhere. It scares me a little I just pray and pray that God will open our eyes wide and give us the insight we need to have a healthy communication with him as life continues on and gets harder and harder for him and us. He is a great kid and listens well, he tells us stuff even when he knows he may get into trouble, I just pray that he will be able to continue to stand up for what he believe in right.

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Imelda@Inspired Simplicity said...

what a hearwarming post. Indeed, praying is the ultimate answer and reaction to our "human" moments of worry and such.

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post on my procrastinator tiling project.

blessings back to you.